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Drawn from Cleopatra’s seminar, and the 3 approaches she proposes in taking control of our life and money, we prepared easy to access tools for your personal planning here:

  • The forward looking cash flow
  • Setting a horizon
  • Personal wealth and worth status

Feel free to use them and write to us with questions, or coaching through the exercise. Small steps matter, to make a leap forward.

Personal Wealth and Worth Tool

Our tool, “Personal Wealth and Worth”, is a window to our wealth and its value. It is an exercise to assess if debt is more expensive than our assets.We suggest you print out this tool or make your own. Please refer to our blog “Personal Wealth and Worth” for a better understanding of the principles behind the tool. Thank you for downloading!

Horizon Tool

Setting goals and pinning them across your horizon allows you to make decisions so that you lead your life, rather than letting the course of life lead you. Please refer to our blog “Setting Up Your Horizon” as a guide. Thank you for downloading!

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