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Decluttering and Resetting

Decluttering mind and home.

Make the best of the Summer break.

Decluttering matters because it creates space for new things to come.

Decluttering our mind, is for making space, to think new, and creative thoughts; it is about getting our thoughts in order and feeling grounded and clear about where we are with our life goals, our time, and our finances.

Organizing our home is about looking out for what does not serve us. Less is more. Letting our space breathe, feeling crisper, cleaner, and “lighter”. It is about knowing where to find each item that serves us often and usefully. Otherwise, if it is something that we rarely use, or is in the way, it means it may need to be remodeled for reuse, or be recycled.

A few tips on where to begin:

On our personal goals, time, and finances:

  • Goal Setting: If you were to imagine your ideal life, what would it look like? What would give you that quality of life that you are looking for? This would be the premise of life goals. To set short, medium and long-term goals towards that quality life you are imagining. These quality life characteristics would be the benchmarks of your goals.  For example, a short-term goal would be to go on a holiday trip; a medium term goal could be education (for our children or for us), a long term goal would be our early retirement with financial comfort.
  • Regular Self Check-in Reviews: Organize regular check-in reviews with yourself, to see how close you are to your ideal life. Certain situations that are binding us with obligations – financial or life choices – ask yourself, where are the silver linings in these situations? – What information do we need to be better equipped for decision making? How can our dreams and goals converge or diverge from those that matter to us? Use our horizon tool to help map and see how life goals align to relationships (work, family, kids, personal) and what decisions need to be made by when.
  • Financing Our Goals: How can we finance our quality of life? What habits are holding us back from saving and investing more? What habits do I need to change so that we are debt free?

Our forward-looking cash flow can help identify and separate those must do expenses from wanna do expenses.

  • Our Time Pie: Where is most of our time dedicated to? Is our time spent each day helping us achieve our goals? It is always useful to have a to-do list for our tasks: one that captures our admin work, our family and housekeeping tasks, our work tasks, our financial management, and our wellness, so as to track how much of our day/week is dedicated to each part. Think of our life like a pie sliced into individual pieces. Each piece represents a part. Align each piece towards your goals.

We suggest using some of our summer time to review what our achievements have been so far in the year. What do we need to do more of, or less of in order to reach our goals?

Speaking from experience, it is always cathartic and empowering to clear cupboards, drawers, and the kitchen’s storeroom to release what does not serve us.

Marie Kondo, the expert on tidying speaks of the joy in decluttering our space. The Kondo method preaches “Keep only those things that speak to the heart, and discard items that no longer spark joy. Thank them for their service -then let them go”. 

How empowering is this?

Happy decluttering and resetting!

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