August Pause for Thought: The Relationship Between Money and Life is Not Binary

We are in the depth of our summer, and just about to dive into our slow mode. It is always useful to think how to make the best of this slowness when everything pauses. Disconnecting from our routines, phone, and social media, gives us time to immerse ourselves into our wants and into ourselves. Disconnecting […]

Decluttering and Resetting

Decluttering mind and home. Make the best of the Summer break. Decluttering matters because it creates space for new things to come. Decluttering our mind, is for making space, to think new, and creative thoughts; it is about getting our thoughts in order and feeling grounded and clear about where we are with our life […]

Setting Up Your Horizon

 Are you the boss of your life? Setting goals and pinning them across your horizon allows you to make decisions so that you lead your life, rather than letting the course of life lead you. Setting a horizon and looking at your decision making milestones creates a good reality check; it prompts revisions, more learning, […]

Saving and Investing

In our seminar we discuss the various purposes of saving and investing. How do we see it? We first save. In different savings accounts we save for different goals. Savings for investments and pension is the long term savings plan. For example: We build a piggy bank of cash savings for 9-12 months of expenses […]

How To Use Our Monthly Cash Flow Tracker

Understanding where money goes, month on month, is not an easy exercise. But once mustered, we can tell our money where to go, rather than chase where it went. That is, we can be masters of our money, our life, our sense of security. How to begin tracking? Keep receipt of each expense. You can […]

Teaching Our Kids All About Money Management

There aren’t ‘must do’ rules about teaching our kids how to treat money. One thing for sure, is that it requires good, honest, open conversations around the table, on how we earn, save, invest; how we set goals and budgets towards enriching our quality of life. Below are a few tried and tested tips. Little […]

Can Money Buy Happiness

There is a saying that money can buy happiness. That might be true. In our view though, money can’t buy happiness. It can buy a sense of security and freedom of choice if managed correctly. In researching for this blog, we identified a few studies. Most say that money buys happiness. One thought, by economist […]

What is a Credit Card

A credit card allows you a credit limit that is provided to you by your bank or a credit card issuer (for example American Express or a supermarket store, or a beauty product store and others). Instead of a full loan – a credit card gives you a short term loan and you take as […]

The Queendom’s Top 10 Money Management Tips

Save for an emergency fund. Save small and big amounts in a dedicated account. It helps to manage life’s twists and turns. Deposit 10% of your monthly income to your emergency fund. Pay off expensive debt. Check the interest rate on your credit card (short term) or any other loan you may have and prioritize […]

In Times of Crisis, in Times of Change, How Do We Re-frame Our Life?

In my life, I have been through at least 6 transitions that implied personal life choices.  That is, some were planned transitions – by choice – some were forced transitions – situations around me changed, and I had to deal with change. In this time of the unprecedented pandemic and economic crisis, we all face […]