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Women, Money and That Feeling of Security

As Mediterranean women, our culture sets us apart as the core of the family unit.

We first look out for those around us before we look after ourselves.

Mothers are where we find comfort, challenge, advice, acceptance, home -intellectual and physical-. 

How many times have we needed to treat that voice inside us that challenges our own core beliefs because we hear our mother’s voices inside our heads?

As mothers and role models we amplify behavior onto our children, and to the family as the guardian of the family values, culture, unity, and progress.

As women, young and older, our relationship with money is a behavior towards the notions of security, dignity, freedom of choice that come from financial security. 

In essence, though, this sense of security needs to start from within. 

The need for dignity, security and freedom cannot be expected to be handed to us by tour partners, children, parents or friends, or employers. It is about self-love, self respect and self dignity. It is about our choices and decisions.  it is about making informed, good decisions that safeguard our well being and that of our children. 

Each of our decisions needs to empower us, not weaken us. Each decision must feed into our happiness, a life free of worries about the present and future, that ensures choices, ensures our lightness of being. 

Money is a tool that needs to be managed. Whether as an individual, or entrepreneur we must dedicate time to understand how money works. Our money decisions will be good if they are informed decisions. Decisions are taken on the basis of information and our courage to ask questions. There is no good or smart question – any question is good and smart provided it gives us the answers we need to make the right decision.

There is another important reason why we need to understand how money works:

As women in the Mediterranean regardless of age, we face a variety of limitations in rising to management positions; and we also face a pay gap.

Limited opportunity comes from the male dominated culture; it also comes from us, when we have to choose between balancing family and work obligations.

Whether the primary or secondary earner in the family, there is data evidence that women’s salary and pay is lower than men’s. This evidence shows that women can be paid 2 – 4 salaries less than men. What this means, though, is that our pensions will be less at an age when we should be enjoying quality of life. 

So how do we overcome that? By understanding how  money works, so that it can work for us, the way we chose to use money. A good measure is to learn how to look after our money – to save, – and to invest –  nurture our money  so it grows  its value -. 

It is never too early or too late to begin. 

For younger women, the earlier they begin to save and invest so as to safeguard their pensions and wealth for their later years, the better it is.

For women who are well set into their roles and careers whether at home or at work, the earlier they realize the value of saving and understanding the current value of their assets (what they own), the better it is. 

Queens of Money promises to demystify our relationship with money; to demystify how money works, how to make decisions;  be a hub of trusted support and knowledge to women as they build the courage to ask questions, to bolden their self worth, and ensure valuable money management decisions. 

Here’s to feeling secure, fearless, happy.

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