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Why Setting Goals Matters

Situations occur in life and we want to have some goal posts within which we set our wants, needs, and red lines.

That is why goals are important.

Goals are like a compass, they can give us direction. We need direction especially at times when we get lost in life’s routine. We can review our intentions and align our time, focus and money to steer towards our desired directions.

It need not be an overwhelming thought; goals can be visionary, practical, fun, small or big.

If goals escape our routine or vision, we could side-step and pick them up again; no one is a judge here, it is up to us to set pace, tone and fulfillment.

Goals could be: home cooked meals twice a week; saving Euro 10 per week; paying off expensive credit card debt by year end; a walk by the beach once a month; growing my emergency fund by 10% of our monthly salary; learning a new skill by year end; understanding stock trading.

When building towards our goals, we must remember that anxiety is the antithesis of creativity. When we allow our negative thoughts to overcome our mind, we stop creating value. Goals are achieved by creating value for ourselves and those around us.

Challenging ourselves to achieve our goals can remove anxiety, making room for creativity. That could be at work, in our personal lives, and our hobbies. This creativity can come at both small and large doses. What is important is that we push ourselves to stay creative, working towards taking the steps we’ve set for ourselves. Establishing this drive will help us in becoming the people we want to be.

It can get difficult when we notice that we must make changes to certain behaviors, beliefs, and habits, but these could be obstacles we have to clear in order to achieve the goals we have set for ourselves.

There may be times when we feel tired, looking at our goals may be similar to looking at an insurmountable mountain. We must keep in mind that every person who has achieved a similar goal has started roughly where we are now. There are no shortcuts in achieving goals, only our will to make them a reality.

Go for it!

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