With almost 200 participants from Europe, UK, Turkey and across Cyprus, we have successfully launched our first series of 7 seminars funded by the UN and the UNDP to empower women through financial awareness and education, also in line with the mandate of Sustainable Development Goals 3,5,10,16.

Encouraged by the response, we are moving forward with a calendar of seminars and conversations with friends and experts on different aspects of money management and quality of life choices.

The core seminar with Cleopatra will feature steadily on our calendar. Look out for special conversations on:

• Money Growth: how we grow the value of our money

• Safeguarding our future: pension plans and what questions to ask when choosing a plan

• Insuring for health, life, education: the information needed to make decisions

• Telling our money where to go: the basic steps for setting up a forward looking cash flow

• Empowerment: the courage to ask questions, building our advisory board, setting a horizon to lead our life

• Career transitions: how to redefine options and implement career transitions.

And more.

Financial Fitness with Cleopatra Kitti

February 17th 7:30PM (CET +1)

Matters of Life and Debt with Marianna Phoka

March 17th 7PM (CET+1)

Disclaimer: This activity does not represent the point of view of the United Nations and the United Nations Development Programme.

The seminars are the result of contributions from the authors and experts; the interpretations and opinions contained in it are solely those of the contributors.