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August Pause for Thought: The Relationship Between Money and Life is Not Binary

We are in the depth of our summer, and just about to dive into our slow mode.

It is always useful to think how to make the best of this slowness when everything pauses.

Disconnecting from our routines, phone, and social media, gives us time to immerse ourselves into our wants and into ourselves.

Disconnecting and pausing gives us space to observe ourselves, our habits, and listen to our thoughts.

  • When considering how to allocate our downtime, attempt writing a journal or notes, looking at how we want the year to end; how far we have come and where we want to go; how our habits with money have evolved: what needs to be done more to increase our savings, our efficiency with forward looking cash flow (anticipate money coming in, money going out) and how we preserve and build our wealth.
  • Make a list of information or knowledge we would like to have to meet life and money goals and set some homework time aside to identify the likely sources of this knowledge.
  • Recognize progress, and work-in-progress; we must be honest with ourselves first, and when we look in the mirror, we must like what we see. This is tough but worthwhile self-love.

Your Queendom is here to help answer questions, review progress with financial and life goals (we don’t give investment advice but can point to the right direction for answers and options) and offer access to knowledge that we need to make informed decisions. Write to us with your thoughts, feedback, questions, and look out for our fall knowledge sharing series.

Money and Life is not a binary relationship.

Change the focus of the binocular into a kaleidoscope, then money becomes a tool to a wonderful, empowered life. Money is neither a measure of self-worth nor a life’s destination.

It takes personal commitment, intentional habits, focus on allocating time towards goals, and gaining knowledge to bridge gaps for informed decision making to make the life and money relationship a dynamic one.

 “The minute I stopped worrying about life, life started worrying about me” – this, as food for August thought.

Make August the best month for pausing, assessing, and resetting habits.

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