Queens of Money

Empower your money management decisions through conversations and learning.


“We, women are at the core of the family unit. Our dignity comes from wisdom and resilience to determine our present and our future. Money is a tool for our wellbeing.” Cleopatra Kitti.


In life, situations constantly occur that require us to make decisions.

Money management is an important tool to make informed decisions.

Our compass is our quality of our life and that of our children.

Understanding how money works ensures we are in control of our own choices.

It is a fact that we, women, earn less than men, and inevitably our pensions will be significantly less.

Therefore our quality of life choices for now and the future depend on our ability to save and invest.

Created out of a sense of purpose to share learnings, practical tips and tools, based on real life experience, Queens of Money equips us to make good financial decisions.

The global pandemic and the unpredictability of life, makes this learning an essential investment of your time.



Emine Colak

Emine is a leading personality, lawyer, gender issues and peace activist; a mediator; and a founding member of the Mediterranean Women’s Mediators Network Cyprus Chapter.

Petek Erk Ugural

Petek is a Human Resources manager, with a grounded attitude towards combining family of young children and a career.

Cleopatra and Emine met through bicommunal peace-making efforts. They share mutual values and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous Cyprus through reconciliation, respect, honesty and coexistence.

Koumanto Stin Tsepi Sou

QueensOfMoney co-produces “Koumanto Stin Tsepi Sou” the first Greek language podcast on money management, with accomplished international media journalist George Georgiou. This weekly podcast mainstreams money relevant issues and brings to light knowledge on savings, debt, pensions, insurance, and behavioral approaches to money through conversations. It is available on Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Apple podcasts.

Listen to the podcast here

Mamma Mu

Since 2019, Eleni Antoniou aka Georgie’s Mummy and creator of the podcast Mamma Mu speaks her truth about her life as a woman. Shortly after the birth of her third baby and a complete mental breakdown, she began connecting with other women through social media who all expressed similar truths that were not being given the necessary attention by the mainstream media.

Mamma Mu is a safe space to discuss, learn and unlearn ways to live more freely, commanding a following of more than 6,000 followers.

Cleopatra and Eleni met through their shared interest in empowering women through education and learning and launched 2 episodes on women and money management (in Greek and in English).

Listen to the podcast here


I was invited to comprehend structured processes for me to apply to my individual financial situation, processes built on the perspective of Cleopatra’s own real-life experiences. – Anita Michaelides, PCA Psychotherapist and Coach

I found the use of personal insight into the kinds of issues women face, invaluable. When Cleopatra asked me to collaborate to bring these insights to women of Cyprus, I wholeheartedly accepted. Together, we aspire to develop more modules to benefit women across our country and our region. – Emine Colak, Lawyer, Peace Activist

“What Queens of Money opened up for me, was not only reclaiming control over my finances, but reclaiming control over my life, my health and wellbeing and the pursuit of my passions.” – Katerina Stephanou, Founder & CEO of Step Up Stop Slavery

Queens of Money is exactly what I needed at this stage in my life, I was able to reflect on my relationship with money and how this reflects in many aspects of my life. This has given me control and boost my confidence a hundredfold. Queens of Money life lessons will be passed on to my children as young as they are” – Nancy Muya


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